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Milestones PM

Project Owner: Reid_S_Carlberg

Created: April 27 2011


Milestones PM is a free, lightweight task and project manager for There are a number of potential improvements customers have asked for -- please jump in with code refactors, test improvements, feature building, etc.

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The project owner is currently the only member of the development team.
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5 stars
(by Meginfo.Bruce on Fri Aug 31 08:20:38 GMT 2012)
very nice tool

5 stars
(by Unknown on Wed Feb 08 20:40:10 GMT 2012)
Like this app a lot as we need an app for managing our ancillary program management tasks but not a full blown PM solution. Was reading about the updates that have recently been made. Stupid question - can I uninstall and reinstall the app from AppExchange to get those updates (which would be fine as we're still just tinkering with the app), or do I need to go into the code and make all edits line by line, or some other third path??

5 stars
(by Brooke Trainer on Fri Jul 22 14:58:13 GMT 2011)
Reid, Like this application. I am testing it out for myself to see if this could be implemented for our entire org. Should we decide to implement this, are you available to customize some of the functionality for us? Reid>>Thanks Brooke -- I am not available to customize the app for you. However, it is widely used and I suspect you will be able to easily find one. Start by posting your interest to the dev boards.

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